February 2022 - LA Health

Developing good rapport with patients

As a health care professional, it’s important for you to establish good communication and trust with your patients. Studies have shown that patient satisfaction and health outcomes are both affected by whether patients feel that the people caring for them are sensitive to their needs and empathize with them. This Press Ganey report on the state [...]

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Why assisted living nurses need Professional Liability Insurance

You’ve likely heard why assisted living nurses need Professional Liability Insurance. While additional insurance coverage may seem unnecessary and expensive, it is critical to protect yourself and your career. Professional Liability Insurance from Lockton Health is tailored specifically to meet the needs of AALNA members and coverage from Lockton Health is more affordable than you may [...]

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The importance of continuous Professional Liability Insurance

As a responsible health professional, having continuous professional liability insurance throughout the duration of your career is an important way to protect you, your career and your livelihood. Most professional liability insurance policies are claims-made policies. This means your policy will only cover claims against you for incidents that occurred while the policy was active. [...]

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