You’ve likely heard why assisted living nurses need Professional Liability Insurance. While additional insurance coverage may seem unnecessary and expensive, it is critical to protect yourself and your career.

Professional Liability Insurance from Lockton Health is tailored specifically to meet the needs of AALNA members and coverage from Lockton Health is more affordable than you may think.


How likely am I to get sued?

Even if you are vigilant in your services and have healthy client relationships, any dissatisfied client can make a claim of negligence or harmful advice/treatment.

Sometimes being careful isn’t enough—all it takes is for a client to feel they weren’t given the attention they wanted and suing you becomes a means of retribution, especially in today’s litigious society.


What’s at risk?


Even if you are absolved of any wrongdoing, defense costs can be significant. From start to finish, legal fees may cost thousands, consuming your savings and racking up debt. With Professional Liability Insurance you can choose a limit that suits your needs to cover these expenses, and it’s more affordable than you may think. Coverage through Lockton Health is as low as $100 – a fraction of what a potential claim would cost.



As an assisted living nurse, reputation can mean everything. Defending a case of negligence can seriously tarnish your professional reputation and the image you’ve worked hard to build. By securing Professional Liability Insurance, you’re showing that you take being an assisted living nurse seriously and you stand ready to protect your good name.



Regardless of guilt or innocence, legal proceedings can take months, if not years, to settle. That can mean time in court— time away from your job and doing what you love. A Professional Liability policy will help provide professional support in court, as well as covering defense costs and reimbursement for lost wages.


Coverage you can count on

There’s always a risk that you may make mistakes in the care or advice you provide to a patient. When errors are made that are not intentional or criminal in nature, Professional Liability Insurance from Lockton Health will be there to protect you. It’s coverage you hope to never use, but can’t afford not to have.